Superheroes Stay Cyber Secure

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Event

UA Cybersecurity Awareness Fair

WHEN:     October 15th, 2019

                 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

WHERE:   Student Union South Ballroom

WHO:       Students, Faculty, and Staff


Participate in Hands-on Demonstrations    *     Win prizes and giveaways    *   Complete your Superhero Passport

Tips for everyday security:

  • Is that you? Protect your passwords & management
  • Phishing! Learn to spot a phish and avoid it!
  • Traveling? How to ensure your internet security.
  • Security training and UA InfoSec resources available
  • Do you REALLY know how to protect your data online?
  • What is your TRUE online behaviour? Critical thinking skills.

Explore careers:

  • UA Cyber Degree Programs

IT Professionals:

  • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: How are people getting in and what can we do to protect ourselves.
  • RISK!  What is it? Do you have it? 
  • What about those vulnerabilities? What to do with Logs?
  • What is the value of machine data to solve for security 
  • How does endpoint behavior help academic institutions enable Zero Trust while improving privacy?
  • What is UA Cloud Ops?
  • Infrastructure as Code: Deploying Securely at Scale


Meet Wilbur Wilcat!

Wilbur will be learning how to become cybersecure!

Available for photos until 11:30.

About the Fair

The Information Security Office (ISO), with UA partners and external vendors, are providing information and education on every day cybersecurity threats and best practices. The changing environment and the vast amount of information that is available through online means creates potential opportunities for malicious activity. Interact and learn about new techniques and technologies for spotting vulnerabilities, what phishing emails look like, and innovations in machine learning.