Security for Privileged Users

Security for Elevated Privilege Data Users

What does “Elevated Privileges” Mean?

Elevated privileges are defined as roles or permissions that – if misused or compromised – could allow a person to exploit the university systems for his or her own gain or illicit purpose.

Why does this matter to me?

Awareness of data security for individuals with elevated privileges is more important than ever with our new UAccess systems.  Unlike our legacy systems, our UAccess systems are web-based, more accessible and more intuitive to use, increasing our need to be more diligent about the potential for misuse.  Because of the risk involved, users with elevated privilege roles must complete Security Awareness training on an annual basis.

The training provides important information to help users safeguard their access to the systems. Additionally, the training addresses the possible consequences if elevated privilege accounts are misused or compromised due to the lack of due care by those granted this access level.

If you fail to complete the training and provide your on-line acceptance of the UAccess Elevated Privilege User Training and Data Protection Agreement, the Elevated Privilege roles will be removed from your access profile.

What do I need to complete the training?

To complete the training, your computer must have Adobe Flash Player.

How do I complete the training?

The training consists of viewing a short video and at the end of the video, acknowledging that you understand the information provided and that you accept the responsibility associated with having Elevated Privilege access to the UAccess systems.

**To complete the training, view the flash video presentation**

If you have questions or special needs, please contact the Enterprise Applications Security Team (EAST) via email at