National Cyber Security Awareness Month

SecureCat Courier -- NCSAM Edition

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)

The University of Arizona is once again participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) as a NCSAM Champion. The UA Information Security team takes its responsibility to the UA research and education mission seriously, particularly when it comes to identifying and mitigating risks to UA information assets.

  We can't do this alone -- we need you!


While security threats are ubiquitous and ever-changing, you, as UA faculty and staff, have the power and responsibility to protect assets entrusted to you.  Our team is here to make it easier for you to do so.

This month’s newsletter highlights the many resources provided by our team and on our website and social media pages, as well as tools and resources provided by other NCSAM champions.


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SECURITY NEWS RESOURCES  been there lately?

We recommend visiting our website often, as we are always updating our content in response to the latest threats and security trends.  Here are a few items you may want to bookmark.

Our Front Page

Our front page has a new Security Tip of the Day every morning. Other items on our front page include:
  • Spotlight:  News items on the latest threats, tips for keeping your information secure, or a new security awareness campaign or initiative.
  • Phishing Alerts:  This is one of the most active spots on our website.  When we receive a phishing report from campus, we post the report here.  You can view all phishing alerts, or subscribe to the alert feed, and have all alerts delivered to your mailbox.

Security For Faculty and Staff

We have designed this page to provide all UA employees with the information they need to not only protect University information assets, but also to secure their home devices.  Here you will find links to security by topic, policy and guidance, FREE computer security resources for faculty and staff, and All-Employee Security Awareness Training. 

Don't be the weak link

UA faculty and staff are required to complete All-Employee Security Awareness Training.  To access and complete this training, click here.



THINK! Campaign

UA Information Security is launching a new student security awareness campaign this month.  You should be seeing flyers, table toppers, brochures and handouts urging members of our community to THINK! Before they click, post, reply, share, etc. 

Interested in having materials to provide to your students?  Would you like to have an information security expert speak to your class about online security, phishing, etc.?  Please contact us at

Even though the materials are geared toward students, faculty and staff can benefit from the campaign information as well. Check out the campaign webpage

Come and visit our Tent on the Mall Friday, October 10, 2014 from 10 am-2 pm, and pick up something fun and informative!

Thanks to The Office of the CIO and the IT Student Advisory Board (ITSAB) for their support of this important campaign.

InfoSec Resources for UA Departments

(and they're FREE!)

Think Before You PostDesktop Backgrounds and Screensavers:  Our office can provide your department with images that can be used as desktop backgrounds or screensavers.  If you are looking for ways to reinforce security messages in an attractive way, please contact us at Department Brownbag Sessions & Presentations:  Would you like a “security refresher,” or is your office concerned about a particular topic?  Please contact our office (621-8476;, and we can schedule a session. 

Flyers & Brochures:  Our latest flyers and brochures can be found on our THINK! Campaign page.  Feel free to print these materials for posting and distribution, or contact our office to receive the materials.


As long as we are breathing, there is risk.  However, if we understand what behavior or circumstances are “risky,” we are better able to mitigate that risk.  Take a few moments to use these “calculators.”  These can help you identify where risk mitigation should be focused.
A variety of NCSAM champions have provided free security checkups for your computer.  NOTE:  Feel free to use these on your home computer.  DO NOT use these on your work computer without first checking with your local IT support. 

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