NetID+ (Plus) Enrollment Using Tablets

Prior to enrolling in NetID+, we recommend that you install the Duo Mobile application on your tablet.

Install Duo Mobile Application for use with NetID+

Note:  These screenshots were taken while installing the application on an iPhone.  The steps should be the same for other smartphones and tablets, but if you need further direction, go to Duo Mobile enrollment at
If you have already installed Duo Mobile on your device, proceed to the NetID+ Enrollment Instructions for use with a tablet.

1.  Using your tablet, go to your App Store.  Search for Duo Mobile.  The first result should be Duo Mobile.  Click on the Download or Install icon on your tablet.

Duo App in App Store

2.  After installation, click Open.   The End User License Agreement will appear.  Click Accept.

Open Duo Mobile

3.  After accepting, the Add Account screen will appear. You will need your tablet again when prompted during the UA NetID+ enrollment process.

Add Account

NetID+ Enrollment (for use with Tablet)

NOTE:  You will need to use a computer to sign up for NetID+ and the actual device you plan to use for the second step in the authentication process

1.  Go to the UA NetID+ login page > click Login.

NetID+ Login page


2.  Enter your UA NetID and password > click Login.

UA NetID WebAuth Screen


3.  You will return to the NetID+ Enrollment page  click Enroll

NetID+ Enrollment Page


4. You will see 5 questions.  You must answer 4 out of 5 of them correctly to continue. 

NetID+ Enrollment Questions


5. The  Add a Device screen will appear:

Add a Device


 6.  Select +Add a tablet

Add a tablet screen


7.  Select the platform for your smartphone from a dropdown list > click Continue

Smartphone or Tablet Platform Selection Dropdown

After selecting your smartphone platform, you will be asked to name the device.  (NOTE:  You will be prompted to install Duo Mobile on your device again.  Please make sure you have installed this app on your device.  Disregard if you previously installed the application.) 

8.  Name your tablet > click Continue

Name Tablet

9.  On your screen, you will see an Almost Finished! banner.  You will also see a barcode that can be used to activate your account.  You can either use Option A – add account via a barcode scan or Option B – add account via tablet

   Almost Finished Screen


Option A - Add Account Via a Barcode Scan

Open the Duo Mobile app that you previously installed on your device > click Add Account

Add Account


Click Scan Barcode

Click Scan Barcode


Hold your tablet up to the barcode on your computer screen, and your account will be activated. 

Scan Barcode To Activate


You will see the following screen on your phone.  The University of Arizona logo confirms that you have correctly activated your tablet for NetID+. 

Confirmation of Activation


Option B - Add Account via Tablet

On the Almost Finished! Screen, there will be a link to click to activate your account.  Click the link, and your account will be activated in Duo.  

Almost Finished Screen

A University of Arizona logo confirms that the account has been activated.

Confirmation of Activation

Congratulations! You are now ready to use your tablet as your second factor of authentication using NetID+. Return to the NetID+ instruction page for instructions on other NetID+ features.