NetID+ (Plus) Enrollment Using Text Messaging

NOTE:  You will need to use a computer to sign up for NetID+ and the actual device you plan to use for the second step in the authentication process

1.  Go to the UA NetID+ login page > click Login.

NetID+ Login page

2.  Enter your UA NetID and password > click Login.

UA NetID WebAuth Screen


3.  You will return to the NetID+ Enrollment page.  Click Enroll.

NetID+ Enrollment Page


4.  You will see the following screen with 5 questions.  Answer 4 out of the 5 questions correctly to continue.

NetID+ Enrollment Questions


5.  The Add a Device screen will appear.

Add a Device

6.  Select +Add a Phone WITH Text Messaging.

Add a cell phone with text messaging

7.  Name your phone, and click Continue.

Name cell phone


8.  The 10-digit Phone Number screen will appear:

Add 10-digit cell phone number

a.  Enter your cell phone number. (The default country is the United States.  You can use the dropdown menu by the flag to select another country, if necessary.)
b.  Click the checkbox by Please check to confirm your phone number.
c.  Click Continue

9.  You will receive a text message with a Verification Code on your cell phone.  Enter the code, click Continue.

Enter verification code

10.  You will receive a Success message on your computer screen that confirms your registration.  

Successful enrollment screen


Congratulations! You are now ready to use your smartphone as your second factor of authentication using NetID+. Return to the NetID+ instruction page for instructions on other NetID+ features.