NetID+ (Plus) Login using a Smartphone


After you are enrolled in NetID+, you will follow this procedure for logging into applications secured by NetID+.

  • On the UA NetID WebAuth login page, as usual, enter your UA NetID and password.  Click Login

UA NetID WebAuth Screen


  • You will then see the following screen for your second factor of authentication.  There is a dropdown list that you can use if you have more than one device registered.  In this case, we will use Duo with an iPhone. 
    • If you would like to save your credentials for the current computer you are using, click the Check Box by Remember this device for 30 days
    • If you would like the device you selected to be the default device used for Duo Push, click the Check Box by Automatically send a push to <phone number> from now on. Click Login.

Duo push screen


  • You will see the following on your computer screen:

Notification sent to device screen


  • You will now use your smartphone for your second factor of authentication.  You will see a notification on your phone.  Click Duo Mobile -- Login request: UA WebAuth.

Login notification pushed to smartphone


  • Duo Mobile will open.  On this screen, you will see information on your Login (e.g., NetID, time stamp, IP address).  Click Approve on your smartphone.

Approve Duo Mobile app


  • The following will appear on your computer screen, indicating that you have logged in successfully with NetID+:

Successful login


  • You will now be directed back to the application for which you entered your credentials.