05/28/2019 Joint Venture Request


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

From: Mrs. Fatima K. Omar Bashir<Email Removed>
Date: Mon, May 27, 2019 at 5:50 A.M.
SubJect: Joint Venture Request

Hello & Good Day,



I am contacting you because I found your information in my husband’s private documents with regards to investing some money with you. I am not sure of the extent he has gone with you. Or maybe, someone had recommended you to him.


But, as you are aware, my husband (President Omar Al Bashir) has been removed as the President of Sudan since April 2019 in a military coup and has been in jail. Also, if you Google Omar Al BASHIR, you would see how the Sudan Military Government seized large volume of cash  belonging to my family.


It is for this reason and given the urgency, that I have decided to open up to you about the existence of a large sum of money which is successfully hidden out of reach of the Sudan Military Government.  I need you to invest it for us to actualize the intention of my husband with you.


My family is under watch round the clock and finding someone to trust is very difficult. I am relying on your information in my husband’s file where he indicated a possible Joint Partnership venture with you.


Phone calls to me are heavily monitored in Sudan. But I can call you from a well secured phone if you could give me your phone number till I get a phone where you can freely call me.


Please get back to me to give you more guarded information.



Mrs Fatima Khalid Omar Al Bashir.

(Wife of Omar Bashir, the Ex-President of Sudan)