06/05/2021 [EXT][SPAM?] JOB OFFER


Sunday, June 6, 2021




I am <NAME REMOVED> and I work for department for Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) committed to student learning through the intellectual, scientific, artistic, psychological, and ethical development of its diverse student body. We prepare the disabilities for transfer to four-year universities; provide career & technical education; support the economic development of the region; offer pre-collegiate programs; and promote personal growth and lifelong learning. DRES is a hub of information for students looking for career, employment and transfer. We are currently looking to hire a Student to work with me while we help Students with disabilities frustrated with ignorance and lack of services as my temporary personal assistant who is able to begin as soon as possible and will be continuing for the next academic year. We are looking for someone to build our brand and help to connect our office with the student body. Eligible candidate must be United State of America (USA) student. You will be paid in advance for all tasks and purchased to be done, some of my personal letters and mails will be forwarded to your residence or nearby post office for you to pick up at your convenience. You just need to help me Mail Letters, Make payment and purchase some items when needed. You get paid $320Weekly for your salary.

Type of Job

Part Time

Job Requirement

Special Skills Wanted

Other Job Requirements

-A strong attention to detail

-A strong work ethic

-Efficient time management and organization skills

-Must be able to work an hour a day

-Must be able to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment

I am unable to meet up for an interview because I am currently away and helping the disabled students in Australia.I got your email through a short list from Human Resources department to give out jobs to few students in your university. My

arrival is scheduled for the last week of August 2021. To apply kindly send your Full name, Age, Address, Alternate email (different from your school email )and your mobile number.