10/3/18 Re: Administrative Assistant Position


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

From: Adam Makonnen
Subject: Re: Administrative Assistant Position

Dear ,

We are delighted to extend this offer of employment for the position of an Administrator Assistant Duties with DRES to you.
Please review the summary  and terms for your anticipated employment with us.

The usual background check has been carried out and I must commend your potentials and we look forward to work with you.
DRES has extended this offer to you in order to occupy a vacant office of being of assistant to an administrator that has been officially transferred to Canada and there is need for a temporary assistant as a matter of urgency before the company decides what to do with the office which might turn out to be a long term professional relationship, determined by the result of your orientation and first task.

Your offer letter will be issued after your orientation as your ability will be evaluated by your first task and if you accept this offer, your start date might be [tomorrow] or another mutually agreed upon date but you might be contacted to go through the basic orientation today.
You will report directly to me for now as I will be the one to guide you through your orientation and your first task and I expect you to start the orientation immediately if you accept the offer to work with me.
We are currently providing necessary resources and the use of accommodation to centers occupied by students with learning disabilities (LD) in order to make them complete their assignments as other students at the same time. One of these resource is by exposing them to Hybrid Teachers—a new kind of professionals who creatively builds bridges between curriculum and students which provides them with intensive, direct instruction which is supposed to make a difference.

There will be need to supply a group of disabled students with auditory and learning problems a couple of assistive tools as such as: Kurzweil 3000, Intel Reader, Draft:Builder, Sip-and-Puff Systems and MathTalk. Some of these tools are available on the apple store so you can easily secure them, admin privilege will be set up on your name, with this you can monitor the centers in short of tools. When you log on to the platform, centers in need of tools are usually indicated by having a red flag, you will then click on the (i) icon to confirm the type of tools they are needing, the centers with green flags do not need tools, but you can click in the information icon (i) to learn about them too. You will be taught how to use the platform and how to secure the needed tools as you make progress during your orientation.

Finance process:
Funds for your first assignment will be sent via your email through an Electronic Bank check.
E-check is a fund delivery service that endorses and guarantees check delivery faster through email as we do not have the luxury of time to waste with courier services. It will as well save you the stress of having to purchase stamps, envelops or going to the mail box/Post office.
Just log into your email, Click, Download and print the check.
After the funds has been printed, It can be deposited immediately and all tasks can proceed without stress.
Right now, you will only need to purchase a Business Check Paper for printing of the check, this check paper is sold for only ($20) at any Stationery store, Office Depot or office Max. You will be re-reimburse for the cost of supplies.
Get the Business Check Paper today and proceed by sending me an email.
Please confirm that you have a printer to do the printings needed.
I need you to deposit the check into your account as early as you can in the morning so that the check will meet today's cut-off time. Usually, the check will clear in time at most the next business day, and that will enable you to meet up with this week's deadline.
Usually, we pay our new employees their bill on the first week in order to enable them carry out their duties efficiently  without having to short on cash.
Email me a copy of the Deposit Slip If you can and  make an ATM deposit if it happens that you didn't receive the package on time before the bank closes so that the funds can be available the next day to complete the assignment on time. Once funds are Deposited I will send you the Instructions

This job is just a simple project concerned with promoting human welfare.
We are a proud affiliate of AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Dissability) and our crusade to help the LD students spans across the United States as our volunteers keeps rolling in.
We are looking for a well meaningful assistant who can support us in carrying out all these responsibilities professionally and accurately and I personally believe it's not beyond your capability.


Gail M. Bollinger (Dr).