1/16/2019 We noticed an issue with your account


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

From: American Express
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 11:02 AM
Subject: We noticed an issue with your account
Importance: High

Dceaar4 Customeor7,

Accoubnt Rtequirbesm Co9mpl9ettew Profile Update, Wge1 havae rteeceen5tlyy de1teicted t9hat diffe3r7enti computer uasegr had attesmypted gaining a3ccsess to your Online a2ccou4nztl, and multiplke password was attempted with your user ID.7 Igt i2ss now n3ecjebssary to r1e1-covnfierm6 your acgcount infformatyionm to4 us8. Ifh this phrocdesws is not comrplzeted wvithimn 2o4-48 hou7rs.x We wirll b4e for7c4ed tjoz su3shpend your Acc8ount On0l8ined Accehss as it many have beaen usedi for froaudzuel3ent purpeoses.g

Howq to fix itw? 
We hqave sen6t youd Vegr4ificaotipon L9ovg3in8 Paigje,7 Go Tox Y2o8urh Aiccdounbt andm pltease re7sol4ve czarlemfful3ly to update yeour AMEX IfD detailsc ismzmkediatuenly.

Pleaase Ensnugre Eaxcdhg Detaiil6 Is Cor1rect To C6omplsertses The Veri0fica4tiocn ! 


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Aumeruicc6a9n Expmrpessz Team

Thiss is a service provided bry Anmeriocan E8xlpzr3es3s. AMEX0  | n A2MEtX Supp6obrht  |6  Tserms and Condi0tionus  b|  Prvivacy Pojlicy 
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