Thursday, August 16, 2018

FROM:  Dr. Robert S. Greenfield

I am Dr. Greenfield is a co-founder of California Heart Associates in Orange County, California. I am a board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Clinical Lipidology. I received my B.A. from City University of New York, Brooklyn College, and my M.D. from the State University of New York- Downstate Medical Center. After My Residency and Fellowship, I went on to accept an academic position at UC-Irvine Medical Center as full-time faculty before co-founding California Heart Associates in 1979. After twenty-one years, I accepted a full-time faculty position in the Division of Cardiology and as Director of the Cardiology Clinics at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland where I stayed for three years before returning to California Heart Associates. I continue teaching and I am a national and regional speaker for several pharmaceutical companies, and can periodically be heard on KFI-AM. My research includes the fields of lipidology, acute coronary syndrome, and risk factor modification. I am currently on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Chapter of the National Lipid Association. As California Heart Associates completes its thirtieth year, I remain full-time in my busy practice of cardiovascular diagnosis, treatment, cholesterol management, and prevention and cannot handle most of my bookings and personal errands perfectly anymore.

You have received this email because you have an offer from the University Office for Students with Disabilities to work with me while we help Students with disabilities frustrated with ignorance and lack of services but as my temporary personal assistant. I care about Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children, Civil Rights and Social Action, Education, Environment, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Social Services and lots more.

This is a very simple employment. You will only help me Mail letters, Make payments at Walmart and purchase some Items when needed. This employment only takes an hour a day and 3 times a week for $500 weekly.

I am unable to meetup for an interview because I am currently away and helping the disabled students in Australia. You will be paid in advance for all tasks and purchased to be done on my behalf and some of my personal letters and mails will be forwarded to your residence or nearby post office for you to pick up at your convenience. Upon my arrival we will discuss the possibility of making this a long-term employment if I am impressed with your services while I am away. My arrival is scheduled for the last week of August 2018

To Apply, Please email your Full name, Address, Alternate email (different from school email) and mobile number


Dr. Robert S. Greenfield, MD, FACC, FAHA, FNLA: