8/27/18 Even in such situation you should keep a tight hold upon yourself


Monday, August 27, 2018

From: Mila Baker
SUBJECT: Even in such situation you should keep a tight hold upon yourself


I am without doubt not the individual who speaks plenty, so this would be really brief. You are in serious shit! Around a 4 weeks ago you had been corrupted with my RAT program #19253976. Then since then, every damn working day it was sending me loads of helpful info, correspondence, logins to your accounts, contacts and the video from the screen and the cameras, as well as the audio from mic.

Could not really locate specifically valuable data for me personally, although was lucky enough to make a couple of films that have been recorded when you've visited online websites for grownups. I wasn't even laid back and created a short film exactly where on one half of it is the monitor, and on the other an image from the digital camera. It ended up not awful at all, despite the fact that I am not strong at modifying the videos. In any case, I'm sure your household members and associates will very seriously be thankful.

Still do not run to decide which method of committing suicide will be most suitable in your case. This problem can be resolved very easily. We are all human beings and can negotiate. So: I supply you with the address of my wallet, which I made solely for you and in the following 3 days I am going to wait for the total of 460 $ inside it. Whenever I get this money - I will ignore your presence and delete all the information that came along with your unit. If not, be certain I am going to deliver this material to all contacts that my malware identified. Maybe I will even do it utilizing your social accounts.

I only accept bitcoin. If you will have issue with this currency exchange - you are able to easily find info on how you can use it in Research engines or youtube.

my account wallet:


I do not recommend you to make contact with the pigs, they will not be able to locate me quicker than the payment deadline because Im from another place, and also take excellent care of my anonymity. Think carefully prior to you throw away foolish actions, your status and further living depend on it.

Do not try to message me. I prefer 1-time email and your response is just will never be seen.

All the best !!