11/23/15 for your information

UA Information Security received a phishing report, informing recipients that they will have access to a large sum of money if they follow instructions in the email.

If you receive this email, please delete it from your inbox.  If you clicked on any links or replied to the email, please contact your local IT Support or the 24/7 IT Support Center (626-8324) as soon as possible.


Email text:

Subject: for your information

This is to notify you that I have finished and completed the transaction successfully but due to restrictions with transfer of huge amounts, I've made available a compensatory sum of $ 400,000  for you through a visa card to enable you withdraw the amount without transfer restrictions. Go ahead to contact the custodian at URL REMOVED office sandrian Anthony with your postal address information by email: EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED and request for the envelop which I paid for the courier fee for you.I will contact you again as soon as I come out of remote place where I am at construction site in Europe now with my new partner.