1/3/17 Online Survey....Job Offer

UA Information Security has received a phishing email report, where recipients are directed to reply with personal information for a job application.

If you received this email, please delete it from your inbox.  If you responded in any way, please contact your local IT support or the 24/7 IT Support Center (626-8324).


Email Text:

From: Thomas Collins <EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED>
Sent: Tuesday, Jan 3, 2016
Subject: Online Survey....Job Offer

Dear Applicant,

We have a customer service survey assignment in your location for you.We will pay $250 per assignment which would come in the  form of a cashiers check along with comprehensive details in  regards your assignment.The job Entails an Evaluation process  such as visiting Wal-mart, Rite-aid,Walgreen e.t.c. Send information below to get started If you are  Interested

Full Address (No PO BOX):
State :
Zip Code :
Phone_Cell :
Gender_Age :
Thank you for participation.
Thomas Collins
HR Manager
Customer Service Evaluation Team
The Shadow Shopper Company
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