1/8/14 Important Security Information

Some members of the UA community have received a spear phishing email this afternoon, although spam filters seem to be catching it and sending it to the junk mail folder.  The email contains a UA logo, which may lead some to believe it is a legitimate email. 

If you have received this email, please delete it from your email box.  If you responded or clicked on any links, please contact your IT support immediately, or the 24/7 IT Support Center. 


From: UA Security <Email address removed>

Subject: Important Security Information

Date: January 8, 2014 at 3:34:05 AM MST

To: <Email Recipient removed>

Reply-To: <Email address removed>

Dear University of Arizona Employee,

In recent days, the University of Arizona ITS Security has identified an email scam "phishing" attack where most of our employees details were thoroughly compromised. The email scam had a devastating effect on our database as almost all employees information was compromised.

The University of Arizona, Human resources and the ITS Security have unanimously agreed that our employees portal and email platform be immediately upgraded with improved security checks in place.

Hence, every employee is mandated to immediately follow this link below to ensure his/her details are protected from any future threat by cyber criminals

Click the link below to upgrade your employee and email platforms. This process takes few minutes


Protect your information now!!

ITS, Database Security & Human Resources
University of Arizona