4/10/2018 Security Advisory- Password Notification

From: Robert Mclendon <ADDRESS REMOVED>
Date: April 10, 2018 at 10:35:33 AM MST
To: Robert Mclendon <ADDRESS REMOVED>
Subject: Security Advisory- Password Notification

Your Microsoft Outlook Web Account has recently been subjected to security modification as of 04/10/2018. The action requested is as follows: This automated email contains a link to reset and maintain your Outlook Web App password as your current password has expired. 

Please Click Here to go to the Reset Password page. Follow the instructions below to create a new password.

New password should meet the password criteria:

*at least 8 characters.
*contain at least one capital letter
*contain at least one small letter
*contain at least special character
*don’t use the last 3 password used before.
*don’t include the first 2 characters from your user name
example of good password: A@qr*981

The link above expires after 24 Hours. If you don't change your password before then, your Outlook Web App account locked for security reasons.     

Thank you,      

Maintenance and Operations.