4/22/15 Notice to Appear in Court

UA Information Security received several phishing email reports that purport to be from a district court, ordering the recipient to appear in court and to unzip a file in order to view the court notice.

If you receive this email, please delete it from your inbox.  If you unzipped the attached file or responded to the email, please contact your local IT Support or the 24/7 IT Support Center (626-8324) as soon as possible.


Email text:


SUBJECT:  Notice to Appear in Court

Notice to Appear,

You have to appear in the Court on the April 29.
Please, do not forget to bring all the documents related to the case.
Note: The case may be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come.

The Court Notice is attached to this email.

Kind regards,
Seth Farley,
Clerk of Court.