5/22/16 -: Welcome to 1st Recruitment's :-

UA Information Security received a phishing email report, where recipients are offered a cashiers' check for $285 for filling out surveys. They requested name, gender, phone number, and location details be sent to them to begin the process.

If you receive this email, please delete it from your inbox.  If you clicked on the link or responded to the email in any way, please contact your local IT Support or the 24/7 IT Support Center (626-8324) as soon as possible.


Email Text:

Date: Sun, 22 May 2016 3:16:41 +0000
Subject: -: Welcome to 1st Recruitment's :-


We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $ 285 per assignment.
Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment.
The job entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c
Send below information to get started If you are still Interested Applicants are to forward Information below:
Name: ______
Your Address: ______
C.i.t.y: ______
S.t.a.t.e: ______
C.o.d.e Zip: ______
Phone: ______
Age/Gender: ______
" Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thank you "
Nancy Owen
MS-Opportunity Managers