8/1/14 [Payment Manager Position] - Job ID 823298

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Email text:

From: Russell Collection Agency <EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED>
Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 6:44 AM
Subject: [Payment Manager Position] - Job ID 823298

One of our major client's is a Real Estate company which has over 10,000 rentals in over 10 States. The company is growing dynamically and its formation is ongoing. At this particular moment, they are expanding the business area and increasing the number of property units in their database.

For this reason, they wish to widen their network and require a harmonised means of collecting their back log in rents and mortgage payments.

Our company specializing in Debt Collection have been appointed to manage and reconcile these back logs. Having such a large number of accounts to reconcile, we are independently contracting out some individual accounts and thus opening up positions for the Payment Receiving and Processing Agents (PRPA) .

Key Task:
1). Receiving back log of rent payments from customers
2). Processing rent payments
3). Disbursing rent payments to Landlords
4). Data entry of remittance of funds and record keeping.

1). $ 1000 monthly paid by Russell Collection Agency, Inc. You get
your first salary 30 days from the day you start working.
2). You also get 8% from each Debt payment you receive and process. On average you will process 1-5 Debt payments. Figures on each Debt
payment range from $ 950 to $ 5000.

*18 years or older.
*Available to work a minimum 5-7 hours a week (Mon - Fri).
*Able to check and respond to emails regularly.
*Mobile phone access.
*Mobile email access is an advantage
*We don't require any sign up fees.
*The greatest advantage of this position is the possibility of
spending only 1-2 hours a day working from home while earning a base $
12,000 per year (plus your commissions, this could go as high as $
30,000 per year).

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