9/3/15 Job Opportunity 5145685

UA Information Security received a phishing report, asking recipients to reply to an email for a potential job opportunity.

If you receive this email, please delete it from your inbox.  If you replied to the message or provided any information, please contact your local IT Support or the 24/7 IT Support Center (626-8324) as soon as possible.


Email text:

Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 11:55 AM
Subject: Job Opportunity 5145685

These days our Company had new employment post of Procurement Manager opened.
Your pay rate will start from $4,000.00 monthly. Employee benefits package is also available.
You will monitor the market for the low price for various items or services. After you must have a list of the most relevant sites/places and email it to us for consideration.
If you are interested in our message, please feel free to message us back.
Thank you!