THINK! Security Awareness

  • Think Before You Click
  • Use antivirus and anti-malware
  • Think before you post
  • Online reputation
  • Phishing:  Don't get hooked
  • Do you have a rotten apple?  Mac Security
  • Think before you download
  • Don't trust; verify
  • Understand risks of public wifi

The University of Arizona’s Information Security Office is presenting you with the THINK! Campaign. Our goal is to help you understand the risks that come with using the Internet and the importance of practicing safe online behavior so you may protect yourself and your information from online threats. 

The THINK! Campaign is about taking a moment to think before you connect to places online, share information with others, or even just click on a link. We are encouraging the UA community to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits, as well as understanding that Internet safety is a shared responsibility, not only on campus but in your individual lives at home and at workl.

Taking action to be safer and more secure online is important not only for yourself, but as a member of the University of Arizona and as a global citizen, your individual actions can make the online community safer for everyone.

True or False?  Are You a Target?

Security Building Blocks Security Building Blocks

Safe computing practices include a combination of how you technically protect your computer by using software and security settings, and the physical actions you take. Your actions make a difference!  If you consistently use strong passwords, but then leave your computer unlocked and unattended in public places, your data is in jeopardy. If you use antivirus software but aren't careful about replying to or forwarding suspicious looking emails, you still risk compromising your own devices, as well as others. These “Security Building Blocks” can function as a security checklist to protect your data. For further information on each topic, as well as instructions on how to implement these steps, visit the accompanying links to our website.


Campaign Materials 

UA Information Security thanks the
UA Office of the Chief Information Officer and the
IT Student Advisory Board (ITSAB) for their support of the
"Think!" Campaign 
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