All-Employee Security Awareness

Mandatory All-Employee Security Awareness Program

All UA employees, student workers and DCCs with UA NetIDs are required to complete annual security awareness training.  To fulfill this requirement, the UA Information Security Office, with help from the campus community, has developed user-friendly online modules to ensure that all employees can easily participate in and complete the security awareness program.  The program has been designed to not only inform employees of their responsibilities as members of the UA community, but to also assist them in securing their information at home.

PLEASE NOTE: You can enroll in training ONLY after your employment or DCC status has changed from "Pending" to "Active." 

Enrollment and Completion Instructions


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    This training is mandatory for all UA employees, student workers, and DCCs who access University information assets, including: 

    • Networks and network appliances
    • Computers (servers, workstations and laptops)
    • Printers
    • Software and applications
    • Thumb drives, hard copies of documents, etc.
    • Any other computer‐related equipment, device or hardware used to access, store, transmit or interface with another university resource

    Yes, this training should completed as part of new employees' onboarding processes. 

    We often have these reports.  If your status is currently "pending," you will not be able to enroll.  You can enroll after your status as an employee or DCC has changed to "Active" in UAccess Employee. 

    Please login to UAccess Learning and select "My Learning."  You should be able to see the courses for which you are currently enrolled.

    No.  UAccess Learning's certificates default to the month in which training is completed.  Training is considered to be complete, regardless of the date showing on the certificate.

    If you have any issues, comments or concerns please contact the 24/7 IT Support Center at 520-626-8324..