Report Lost or Stolen Device

Did you lose a work or personal device such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. that accessed or contained university data?

Please report the theft of loss to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction where the theft or loss occurred, then fill out the questionnaire below. Submission of this form will route to the appropriate University Staff collecting data on possible breach of university data.   

About the Questionnaire

COMPLETING THIS FORM WILL NOT REPORT LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS TO UAPD OR YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY.  You must call your local Police Department to file a report.  UAPD can be reached for UArizona on campus concerns by calling 520-621-8273 or visit UAPD to report lost or stolen items.

Online form is only for university employees and requires UA netID login.  Please have the following information ready to complete the form:

  • Contact Information of the device owner, including UA netID

  • Type of data on the device

  • Case number if reported to UAPD or other agency