NetID+ Required for Direct Deposit

Feb. 7, 2017

TO:  University Employees
FROM:  Karen Williams, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer; Dean of Libraries

Effective February 6, NetID+, the university’s two factor authentication system, will be required to access the Direct Deposit feature in UAccess Employee. This security enhancement is designed to better protect the safety of our employees’ financial assets. 

UA employees who want to change or update their Direct Deposit information in UAccess will be will be required to use NetID+, a process that confirms their identify by asking for two forms of information.  Employees who are not enrolled in NetID+ will need to enroll. Direct Deposit is currently the only feature in UAccess requiring NetID+. 

Why Is This Change Being Made?
We want to better secure your bank or credit union accounts and reduce exposure to cybercriminals.

What is NetID+?
NetID+ adds a second layer of security – a code sent by text, phone, app, or device that authenticates a login beyond the password, protecting accounts in the event of password compromise.

UA employees are encouraged to enroll in NetID+ and enable Global NetID+ for use on all sites with UA WebAuth for login, such as UAccess, D2L, CatMail, etc. to protect their identities and UA accounts. Instructions for enrolling in NetID+ are available at

What if I need assistance?
For assistance with NetID+, call the 24/7 IT Support Center at 520-626-8324, or contact your departmental IT administrator.

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