Sophos Antivirus is in the Cloud!

Dec. 14, 2018

Malicious threats, phishing scams and malware attacks are a threat to our systems, networks and the data that they hold. One piece of the security puzzle is the use of Antivirus software. 

Recently, The University of Arizona updated its campus antivirus software to a cloud-based version. Sophos Central has allowed for central management of the security software.  Local IT unit support have been actively engaged in with this transition and we appreciate their support. IT Professionals can find out more about using Sophos Central on the Information Security Office's Confluence page (NetID and password required).

Faculty and staff that have Sophos on their university computers, or want to ensure that their work system has been included in this update, should do one of the following:

  1. Contact local IT support
  2. If IT staff is not available or for those units who do not have a dedicated staff member, contact the Information Security Office

Faculty and staff that have Sophos installed on a home computer(s) have several options:

  1. Install the home version of Sophos
  2. Use the built-in software that came with your computer
  3. Use the antivirus provided by your internet service provider

Antivirus is a critical component to security your information, so make sure that you have something on your University and home computers, as well as any mobile devices

Thank you for helping keep UA Secure.