UA Web Footer Updates – Electronic Privacy Policy

July 26, 2019

The University of Arizona recently established a revised Electronic Privacy Policy and Statement.  This policy has been approved by university leadership and has been established to inform and educate the campus about best practices for the collection, use and dissemination of information through electronic means. 

Who is impacted by this policy?   

The revised policy and standard applies to all personal data and information collected, transferred, or maintained by or on behalf of the university in an electronic format, including websites that gather information via a webform(s).  Departments and individuals who are responsible for the maintaining University of Arizona websites should review the revised policy and statement to understand the notices that must be present on public facing sites.    

Action Required 

University websites will now need to display a link to the University Privacy Statement on each page to be compliant.  For most sites, placing this link in the footer will be the best option.   To learn more about the policy and required action, please visit  

  • UA Sites:  University websites that are UA Sites administered by UITS Campus Web Services will be automatically updated to meet the compliance requirements.   This update will occur in late July 2019, and UA site clients will receive an email notification after the update has been applied.   

  • Quickstart: Websites using the Quickstart framework will need to apply the latest update which include the necessary link in the footer.  To view the most recent updated, please visit   

  • Non-Quickstart websites:  These websites will need to be updated to comply with the University Privacy policy by adding in a link to the Electronic Privacy Policy to the footer of the site.  For example, this link could be added to the footer to comply:  University Privacy Statement  

An example of how you might use the footer to display the required link can be seen in the illustration above. 

If you wish to begin using Quickstart for your website please go to

All updates to university websites must be completed by September 1st, 2019.  If you have questions about this requirement please contact