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Wednesday, March 20, 2019



Digital Freedom Inc. is online electronic currency exchange service. Today, we are recruiting customer-oriented E-currency Exchange Managers to supervise e-currency exchange process and resolve any possible issues that our customers might experience with accuracy and effectiveness. E-money Exchange Manager is a part-time job from home. New crew employer gets short-term on-the-job training, lasting for 4 weeks. Education period is fully compensated. This is a base salary job, monthly salary making up $2800. Company pays 5% bonuses for extra performance. Note, that the full-time occupation is also possible after trial period.



Work prospects for E-currency Exchange Manager are expected to be exceptional as we are opening office in the US in February 2019 Beginning from February, there are different types of emloyment: part-time and full-time work from home and full-time office job (for New York city residents). First month of the trial period is mandatory a part-time with the chance to transfer to a full-time based on the performance of the probation. Applicants with good driving force and average computer skills should have the best job prospects.



*Monitor a large scale of E-money exchange rates and operations within the online environment daily; *Control the exchange operations from FIAT (regular money) to E-currencies and back; *Work with customers, provide them with full information about the services, payment and benefits of the company. All interaction is over the e-mails, and we provide clients. It's not a sales job!



*High interaction and interpersonal abilities; *Background in work in client service is welcome but not mandatory; *Basic computing and office software knowledge; *Reliability, accuracy, care for keeping set deadlines; *Availability through phone and e-mail during the day; *High school diploma, GED or equivalent.

The Supervisor will guide you at every step in the beginning of the trial period and train you how to operate with currencies and customers. You will be required to keep him/her updated about the work process and report on the fulfilled tasks.

The successful candidate will have the chance to directly work with current and new E-commerce related service vendors within the USA. It is an interesting and worthwhile position which presents fantastic exposure to the E-currency exchange and transactional elements of worldwide E-commerce and provides the chance for career growth and the constant income.

If you’re considering this job, please email us in return with your name, primary contact number, and the best time to contact, and our HR Professionals definitely will contact you.


Best wishes,

Alec Bal