Wireless Security

Wireless Security

We live in a wireless world, but it is important to use wireless networks as securely as possible, especially if there is any risk of loss to sensitive or personal data. Using an unsecured wireless network (such as “UA Public” or free wireless hotpots), can allow anyone within range to view or steal data from your internet session. 

Whenever possible, you should use a secure wireless connection such as UA WiFi to secure your internet traffic. There are times when you may find yourself in a situation where you have to use open public access wireless. Be aware of what information you are transmitting. We strongly recommend that you limit what you do to simple browsing activities. 

Best Practices for Secure Wireless

  • Configure your devices for UA WiFi 
  • Avoid UA Public and other open wireless connections whenever possible. 
  • Always assume that ANYTHING you type or any information that appears on your screen while you're using an public wireless connection can be seen by others nearby.
  • Don’t access personal or financial data on public connection.
  • If you are accessing a page that requires a login and password or if you are entering ANY personal data make sure that you are on a secure site.