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04/20/2021 - [EXT]I trust you are healthy and safe.


מזל טוב, <Name Removed>, כתבתי לך קודם בנוגע לירושה המשפחתית שלך אבל עדיין אין תגובה, מדוע?


<Name Removed>

04/20/2021 - [EXT]Update Password for <Email Removed>



Hello <Email removed>,

Password for <Email Removed> expires today

You can change your password or continue using current password

Keep Same Password <Link Removed>

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04/20/2021 - [EXT]Urgent Request

External Email

Available, cellphone number?

<Name Removed> MD, MPH, MBA, FAST

Chief, Division of Nephrology

Professor, Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track)

04/20/2021 [EXT]Human Resources Department Message.docx [ID Removed]]

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<Email Removed> has shared the following document:

Human Resources Department Message.docx

Unknown profile photo<Name Removed> HAS SHARED A FILE WITH YOU

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Open <Link Removed>

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04/20/2021[EXT]Account Based Marketing to Atlassian Confluence Users

Deliver hyper-personalized sales campaigns to create a deeper connection with your potential customers. Increase customer engagement for higher conversion with multi-channel account-based marketing and boost conversion rates by understanding a holistic view of the technologies used by your prospects. 
Would you like to acquire Atlassian Confluence Users for your sales and marketing teams?
We as a database compiler manage, own, and maintain 80 million business executives database worldwide. 
The unique USP which separates us from the rest is our guarantee of 90% plus email deliverability and contact accuracy which is the highest of all data market standards.
I will look forward to your response.
<Removed Name>
Global Lead Generation
Email Marketing-USA, Inc
North America
<Removed Name>
<Removed Address> 
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04/19/2021 - Job Offer

The Following is seen as part of an attachment, STUDENT STAFF SCHOOL PROGRAM.txt.

Dear Students and Staffs 

During this time of Covid 19. it’s important to keep safe and working from home would be perfect. You have been offered a Job Opportunity at the convenience of your home> This can serve as a gateway to paying all Incurred on and off Campus. This job can be done at your leisure, taking at most 1 hr/day, 2-3 times a week. And earn up to $3500 weekly. It’s a Convenient Job Opportunity where you will determine your working hours.

I'm an entrepreneur, Real estate investor and an Investment trader. I have been successful in a handful of Businesses and also get involved in Investment Networks in both Australia and the United States to various welfare and community programs. I'm Currently in Australia running some network programs and will be back in the States by the 28th of May.


. AD & D Insurance.. 401(K). (After 3 months with us). Free Medicals. (After 1 month with us)


- Filing, research,organizing correspondence, answering calls,etc.- Scheduling day to day activities, and coordinating travel plans.- Assisting with general official errands and various administrative projects.

Kindly provide the information below to start working:

First and Last Names:
Local Mailing Address (Apt #) :
City :
State :
Zip Code :
Email Address Not School Email :
Phone Number :
Age/Gender :
Current Occupation :

You can write directly to me at :(  <Email Removed>  ) email me now

I'm looking forward to receiving your application details soon

Best Regard
Staff & Student Program.txt
Displaying Staff & Student Program.txt.

04/19/2021 - [EXT]<Name Removed> Employment Letter <Number Removed>

External Email
Good morning
We getting back regarding request on a CareerBuilder for vacancy of purchasing specialist.

Salary estimate: $96,500.00 to $109,600.00 / per year
Job locations: local
Open Period: long-term

Position details:
Responsibilities include the supervision of supplier base and goods purchased from outside resources. You are going to negotiate legal agreements that deliver value to our potential customers together with the good quality service and added benefits making the most of the vendor's abilities.

Responsibilities consist of (yet not restricted to):
- Secures estimates from qualified providers of given products to obtain most favorable costs and offerings to meet up with output strategy
- Plans and also works out long lasting legal agreements
- control supply chain including managing supplier assortment
- Evaluating and tracking distributor price, level of quality, and shipping and delivery advancement
- Keep track of logistics to guarantee on time delivery of products with proper documentation

Proven capabilities:
- Demonstrates objectivity to other people and their own sights
- Should be detail-attentive, coordinated and highly prepared
- Capability to perform in a group atmosphere
- Ability to construct morale and group
- Should be readily available to operate adaptable schedule, maybe overtime, week-ends

Legitimate dl as well as car experience is mandatory. You need to be authorized to operate in the Usa. Must be capable to get a background check, If requested.

If you are interested in our job offer, please email us with your resume to <Email Removed>

Only applicants with a Resume are going to be studied.

04/19/2021 - [EXT]compulsory notice : verification


Dear Employee,

You have company documents assigned to <Email Removed>

Visit Document Center <Link Removed>

*This email is intended for <Email Removed>

04/19/2021 - [EXT]compulsory notice : verification

External Email

Dear Employee,

You have company documents assigned to <email removed>

<Link Removed>

Visit Document Center

*This email is intended for <Email Removed>

04/19/2021 - [EXT]FACULTY REVIEW.docx


<Name Removed> Has shared a file with you

Open: <Link Removed>

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