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05/20/2019 Urgent request

From: Kitt Farrell-poe <Email address removed>
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2019 8:14 AM
Subject: Urgent request



Department Head, BE / Water Quality Specialist, BE

05/17/2019 (No Subject)

From: Zandra Gardner <Email Removed>
Date: Friday, May 17, 2019
Subject: (No Subject)

Happy Weekend , I contacted your school admin at The University of Arizona, I explained that I was looking for Administrative/Personal Assistant and your email was sent to me, they said you are an honest person.This job is flexible so you can perform the tasks during your spare time outside of school and the position is extremely rewarding. Get back to me ASAP with your cell phone number or your personal email for more information. Sincerely Zandra Gardner 

5/19/2019 Are you on campus

From: <Email Impersonating UA Staff Removed>
Date: May 19, 2019
Subject: Are you on campus 

5/16/2019 Are you Available

From: Monica J De Soto Vega <Email Removed>
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Subject: Are you Available

Manager, Academic Programs


5/16/19 Request

From: <Email Impersonating UA Staff Removed>
Sent: Thursday May 16, 2019 
Subject:  Request


I will need you to run a task ASAP, Let me know if you are unoccupied

I'm busy can't talk but will look out to your reply


5/16/19 UA Job

From: Paul Jeremy <Email Removed>
Sent: Thursday May 16, 2019 
Subject:  UA Job

Good morning, 

Kindly forward your resume if you are interested in a part time personal/virtual assistant position.

Paul Jeremy.
International Business Consultant.

05/14/19 Urgent Disbursement

From: <Email Impersonating UA StaffRemoved>
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2019
Subject:  Urgent Disbursement


Good Morning,

                     Are you in the office yet? if not please I have an important errand i need you to do for me outside.i am in a meeting i won't be able to pick a call.


The University of Arizona Athletics
 McKale Center
 1 National Championship Drive
 P.O. Box 210096
 Tucson, AZ 85721-0096

5/14/19 Greetings to you my dear,

From: <Email Removed>
Sent: Tuesday May 14, 2019 
Subject:  Greetings to you my dear,


Greetings to you my dear,

I’m Dr. Steven Aban by name, 72 years old wealthy man from Ivory Coast. I will soon join my ancestors, But i vow to God to do three things to the Churches and les privileges before i die, i have done two remaining one, i need a sincere and honest person to hand over my last vow to. Please let me know if you are a real Christian or Muslim not pretender....

Respond as soon as possible. Reply:  <Email Removed>

Dr. Steven Aban


From: <Email Removed>
Sent: Tuesday May 14, 2019 


Faculty \ Staff

 ACTION REQUIRED: The human resources has here direct the entire staff and faculty to the institution to update their payroll details. This is to enable the human resources department to upgrade all staff/faculty to the new payroll portal.


Please click on the <Link Removed>  to update your payroll details for the month of May.


IT technical support

5/14/19 PAYMENT: comission swift

From: Mail Kinh Doanh Cong Ty <Email Removed>
Sent: Monday May 13, 2019
Subject:   PAYMENT: comission swift

Kind Attn:
Good day!
Please find attached Swift for Commission. 
Best Regards

KK Malani (Director)
fertile business connection
All offers' validity 3 days and are subject to final confirmation
<Contact Info Removed>
A ISO 22000: 2005, Halal Certified, Kosher Certificate, Registrar and FDA Certificate
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